Germplasm: AKER_12187


Germplasm name
Accession number
PI 663882
Accession synonyms
CN24Hs1, N624, N724(Hs1), PI 663882
Biological status
Advanced or improved cultivar
CN24Hs1 is a population similar to C931 (PI 636340) that segregates for sugar beet cyst nematode (SBCN) resistance conditioned by Hs1pro-1 derived from interspecific hybrids between sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris) and Beta procumbens. The SBCN resistance factor is carried on a translocated chromosome fragment on Chromosome IX derived from B. procumbens through B883 (PI 565286). After individual plants were selected and repeated backcrosses made to C931, population N224 was created. N224 was selfed and S1 progenies segregating for Hs1pro-1 were selected and increased in bulk. Three additional cycles of mass selection were made for SBCN resistance and other traits to produce N724 being stored as CN24Hs1.
CN24Hs1, like its recurrent parent C931, is or segregates for multigerm (MM), self-fertility (SF), genetic male sterility (aa), hypocotyl color (19% rr), resistance to rhizomania (Rz1) (Beet necrotic yellow vein virus), curly top resistance, virus yellows resistance, nonbolting, and good agronomic triats. CN24Hs1 segregates for resistance to SBCN (Heterodera schachtii). Hs1pro-1 conditions near immunity to SBCN (Heterodera schachtii). However the transmission of Hs1pro-1 is not stable and unless reselected each generation is lost. CN24Hs1 provides an advanced germplasm source with adaption to the western USA for selecting and developing true (homozygous for Hs1pro-1) breeding lines of sugarbeet with near immunity to SBCN. Plants that carry the Hs1pro-1 factor or chromosome fragment often form detrimental galls and there remains a yield drag associated with this condition.


Presence status
Not maintained


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Germplasm Resources Information Network PI 663882 Extrernal distributor


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