Germplasm: Tangor Hybrida

Citrus fruits BRC


Germplasm name
Tangor Hybrida
Accession number
SRA 714
Accession synonyms
Bergamota, Champion, Chata, Hibrida, Hybrida, Malaquina


Stock center name
Presence status


Institute Accession number Distribution status
UE Citrus SRA 714 Available with restrictions

Evaluation Data

Adherence of epicarp to mesocarp
Modérée | Moderate
Adherence of segments to each other
Modérée | Moderate
Average number of embryos per seed
Monoembryonné | Monoembryony
Average number of seeds per fruit
10 - 19 | 10 - 19
Chalazal spot color
Brun | Brown
Color of mesocarp
Blanc | White
Color of open flower
Blanche | White
Color of pulp
Orange | Orange
Cotyledon color
Vert clair | Light green
Cross-section of axis
Ronde | Round
Embryo color
Sans | Absent
Epicarp color
Orange | Orange
Fruit axis
Creux | Hollow
Fruit shape
Aplatie | Oblate
Fruit weight
200 - 259 g | 200 - 259 g
Nature of oil glands
Visible | Conspicuous
Number of segments per fruit
10 - 14 | 10 - 14
Petiole wings
Sans | Absent
Presence of areola
Seeds color
Jaunâtre | Yellowish
Shape of apex of fruit
Tronqué | Truncate
Shape of base of fruit
Tronqué | Truncate
Shape of petiole wings
Sans | Absent
Shape of seeds
Ovoïde | Ovoid
Shape of spines
Absente | Absent
Shape of vesicles
Epaisse | Thick
Size of vesicles
Grande | Large
Stylar scar
Navel | Navel
Surface of epicarp
Cannelée | Longitudinal grooves and ridges
Texture of pulp
Aisément séparable | Easily tear
Texture of seed surface
Plissée | Wrinkled
Toughness of skin around segments
Résistante | Tough
Uniformity of color of pulp
Uniforme | Uniform


Collection Nationale Citrus (National collection)
French National Citrus Collection (National collection)