Germplasm: Tangor Kiyomi

Citrus fruits BRC


Germplasm name
Tangor Kiyomi
Accession number
SRA 704
Accession synonyms
Citrus unshiu (Mak.) Marc. 'Miyagawa' x Citrus sinensis (L.) Osb. 'Trovita'


Stock center name
Presence status


Institute Accession number Distribution status
UE Citrus SRA 704 Available with restrictions

Evaluation Data

Adherence of epicarp to mesocarp
Modérée | Moderate
Adherence of segments to each other
Légère | Slight
Average number of embryos per seed
Monoembryonné | Monoembryony
Average number of seeds per fruit
10 - 19 | 10 - 19
Chalazal spot color
Brun | Brown
Color of open flower
Blanche | White
Color of pulp
Orange | Orange
Cotyledon color
Vert clair | Light green
Cross-section of axis
Ronde | Round
Epicarp color
Orange | Orange
Fruit axis
Semi-creux | Semi-hollow
Fruit shape
Sphéroïde | Spheroid
Fruit weight
> 260 g | > 260 g
Nature of oil glands
Peu voyante | Inconspicuous
Number of segments per fruit
10 - 14 | 10 - 14
Petiole wings
Sans | Absent
Presence of areola
Seeds color
Crème | Cream
Shape of apex of fruit
Convexe | Convex
Shape of base of fruit
Tronqué | Truncate
Shape of petiole wings
Sans | Absent
Shape of seeds
Globuleux | Globose
Shape of spines
Absente | Absent
Shape of vesicles
Moyenne | Medium
Size of vesicles
Moyenne | Medium
Stylar scar
Navel | Navel
Surface of epicarp
Piquetée | Pitted
Texture of pulp
Aisément séparable | Easily tear
Texture of seed surface
Lisse | Smooth
Toughness of skin around segments
Très fragile | Very delicate
Uniformity of color of pulp
Uniforme | Uniform


Collection Nationale Citrus (National collection)
French National Citrus Collection (National collection)