Germplasm: Mandarine Avana Apireno

Citrus fruits BRC


Germplasm name
Mandarine Avana Apireno
Accession number
SRA 361
Accession synonyms
Amarillo, Arbi, Avana, Avana apireno, Avana di Palermo, Avana di Paterno, Ba Ahmed, Baladi, Belady, Beldi, Beledi, Blida, Bodrum, China, Chino, Clemendor, Commune, Comun, de Ba Ahmed, de Blidah, de Nice, de Provence, de Situbal, de Valence, di Palermo, di Paterno, Gallego, Havana, Havana of Palermo, Italian, Koino, Médélina arbi, Mexecira, Mexirica do Rio, Palermo, Paterno, Salteñita, Setubal, Setubalense, Stredozemni, Thorny, Valencia, Willowleaf, Willow leaf, Yerli


Stock center name
Presence status


Institute Accession number Distribution status
UE Citrus SRA 361 Available with restrictions

Evaluation Data

Adherence of epicarp to mesocarp
Faible | Slight
Adherence of segments to each other
Légère | Slight
Average number of seeds per fruit
0 - 4 | 0 - 4
Vert foncé | Dark green
Color of mesocarp
Jaune | Yellow
Color of pulp
Orange | Orange
Cross-section of axis
Irrégulière | Irregular
Density of branches
Dense | Dense
Diameter of fruit axis
Epicarp color
Jaune | Yellow
Fruit axis
Creux | Hollow
Fruit diameter
60 - 79 mm | 60 - 79 mm
Fruit height
40 - 59 mm | 40 - 59 mm
Fruit shape
Aplatie | Oblate
Fruit weight
60 - 124 g | 60 - 124 g
Fruiting season
Pleine saison | Midseason
Habit of tree
Erigé | Upright
Juice in endocarp
Junction between petiole and lamina
Articulé | Articulate
Leaf form
A pétiole court | Brevipetiolate
Leaf margin
Ondulée | Wavy
Leaf shape
Lancéolée | Lanceolate
Length of leaf
Length of spines
0 - 5 mm | 0 - 5 mm
Maturity beginning date
Nature of oil glands
Peu voyante | Inconspicuous
Number of segments per fruit
10 - 14 | 10 - 14
Oil in pulp
Rares | Few
Petiole wings
Sans | Absent
Presence of areola
Citrus volkameriana | Citrus volkameriana
Scion trunk surface
Lisse | Smooth
Segment shape
Irréguliers | Irregular
Shape of apex of fruit
Tronqué | Truncate
Shape of base of fruit
Tronqué | Truncate
Shape of petiole wings
Sans | Absent
Shape of tree
Sphéroïde | Spheroid
Shape of vesicles
Mince | Thin
Size of vesicles
Moyenne | Medium
Spines frequency
Moyenne | Average
Stylar scar
Fermée | Closed
Surface of epicarp
Lisse | Smooth
Texture of pulp
Aisément séparable | Easily tear
Thickness of mesocarp
Toughness of skin around segments
Fragile | Delicate
Type of leaf
Simple | Simple
Uniformity of color of pulp
Uniforme | Uniform
Width of epicarp at equatorial area
Width of leaf


Collection Nationale Citrus (National collection)
French National Citrus Collection (National collection)