Germplasm: RE02099

Small grain cereals BRC


Germplasm name
Accession number
Biological status
Breeder's material
Origin site


Stock center name
Presence status


Institute name Institute code Donation date Accession number Accession PUI
IGEPP - UMR Institut de Génétique, Environnement et Protection des Plantes, Site du Rheu FRA010 20050000


Institute Accession number Distribution status
GDEC - UMR Génétique, Diversité et Ecophysiologie des Céréales 24543 Available from Multilateral System (MLS)

Evaluation Data

Days to heading (in day-degree)
Growth class
winter | hiver
Plant height (cm)
91 cm
Scale of 1000 kernels weight
intermediate | moyen - 2005
Scale of glume colour (IPGRI 4.2.4)
white yellow | blanc jaune - 2005
Scale of glume hairiness (IPGRI 4.2.5)
absent | absent - 2005
Scale of grain colour (IPGRI 4.3.1)
brown/red | marron/rouge - 2005
Scale of plant height (IPGRI 4.1.2)
intermediate | moyen
Scale of spike density (IPGRI 4.2.2)
low/sparse | faible/lache - 2005
Susceptibility to head blight - Fusarium spp. (CTPS)
susceptible to moderately susceptible | sensible à assez sensible - 2011
Susceptibility to leaf rust (Puccinia triticina) (CTPS)
susceptible to moderately susceptible | sensible à assez sensible - 2011
Susceptibility to powdery mildew - Erysiphe graminis f. sp. tritici (CTPS)
very susceptible | très sensible - 2011
Susceptibility to stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici) (CTPS)
very susceptible | très sensible - 2011
Wheat awnedness (IPGRI 4.2.3)
awnletted | barbes courtes - 2005


AEGIS (Reference collection)
Collection blé INRA (INRAE collection)
Collection blé tendre FAO (Reference collection)
Soft wheat FAO collection (Reference collection)
Wheat INRA collection (INRAE collection)



Cross references

Name Source Type Description
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