Germplasm: AKER_12192


Germplasm name
Accession number
PI 664913
Accession synonyms
EL58, PI 664913
Biological status
Breeding/research material
EL58 is a broad genetic base, self-sterile, diploid selected for tolerance to sugar beet cyst nematode (SBCN). EL58 was derived from a series of polycrosses and selections out of breeding material from USDA-ARS Salinas, CA, primarily N172, N112, P128, 2927-4, Y275, Y167, and Y277, each having been derived from WB242 (PI 546413) or C50 / R22 (PI 593694), and advanced breeding materials from USDA-ARS East Lansing, MI including smooth-root, high sucrose germplasm.
A total of 17 roots were selected for survival from a SBCN field site in Bay City, MI in 2004 from germplasm provided by Dr. Bob Lewellen (USDA-ARS, Salinas, CA), and intercrossed in the greenhouse. Progeny were grown at the same site in 2006, and 23 mother roots were selected on the basis of root size and freedom from disease, and inter-pollinated in a 2006 greenhouse polycross with 301 mother roots from an 12 additional Salinas SBCN breeding lines [P507-303, CR511-7-302, R136, M1-4, 5927-202, 5927-4-302, M1-3, P207/8, N572-233, P507-306, M6-2, Y575-305] grown in the 2006 East Lansing breeding nursery, and two East Lansing breeding populations from the same nursery [95HS2/sel (30 roots) and 6869xPI 546409 + PI 540625 (2 roots)], and seed was harvested in bulk from the 23 mother roots. From the resulting seed after planting under moderate nematode pressure, 56 roots were selected on the basis of plant vigor and size, and intercrossed in the 2007 greenhouse polycross with an additional 277 mother roots derived from the 2006 SBCN polycross and selected in East Lansing (non-SBCN), plus 362 mother roots derived from five East Lansing breeding populations [high sugar, smooth root elite lines (89 roots), EL55 (40 roots), 95HS2/sel (137 roots), 04B031 CMS/O-type group (7 roots) and a legacy breeding line labeled as possessing tolerance to Sclerotium rolfsii (43 roots)]. EL58 is the seed harvested from these 56 mother roots (designated EL-A022775). EL-A022775 yielded 50.0 lbs of roots/plot in the 2011 Imperial Valley nematode trial as compared to resistant checks = 51.0 lbs/plot, susceptible checks = 23.2 lbs/plot. EL58 yielded 30.8 tons/acre with 17.1% sucrose in 2009 (non-SBCN, Michigan). EL58, in 2009, was susceptible to Rhizoctonia (Ft. Collins, CO 6.2 vs. 6.2 for the commercial susceptible check), resistant to Aphanomyces (Shakopee, MN 4.0 vs. 4.5 for the resistant check) and susceptible to Cercospora leaf spot (Frankenmuth, MI 4.3 vs. 5.5 for the susceptible check).


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Not maintained


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Germplasm Resources Information Network PI 664913 Extrernal distributor


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