Germplasm: Qs29


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children of 11P x Qs29
I008b, I027, I057, I085a, I184, I504, I573a, I573b, I578, I578a, I579a, I579b, I581, I581a, I581b, I588b, I589, I594b, I610, I632, I765a, I001, I001a, I001b, I002a, I002b, I003, I003a, I003b, I004, I004a, I004b, I005, I005a, I005b, I006, I006a, I006b, I008, I008a, I010, I010a, I010b, I011, I011a, I011b, I013, I013a, I013b, I014, I014a, I014b, I017, I017a, I020, I020a, I020b, I021, I021a, I021b, I023, I023a, I023b, I025, I025a, I025b, I027a, I027b, I028, I028a, I028b, I029, I029a, I029b, I030, I030a, I030b, I033, I033a, I033b, I036, I036a, I036b, I041, I041b, I042, I042a, I042b, I043, I043a, I043b, I044, I044a, I044b, I045, I045a, I045b, I047, I047a, I047b, I048, I048a, I048b, I050, I050a, I050b, I052, I052a, I052b, I054, I054a, I054b, I055, I055a, I057a, I057b, I058, I058a, I058b, I059, I059a, I059b, I060, I060a, I060b, I068, I068a, I068b, I069, I069a, I069b, I071, I071a, I071b, I072, I078, I078a, I078b, I080, I080a, I080b, I083, I083a, I083b, I084a, I084b, I085, I085b, I088, I088a, I088b, I090, I090a, I090b, I091, I091a, I091b, I095, I095a, I095b, I096, I096a, I096b, I097, I097a, I097b, I098, I098a, I098b, I102, I102a, I102b, I103, I103b, I105, I105a, I105b, I112, I112a, I112b, I114, I114a, I114b, I116, I116a, I116b, I121, I121a, I121b, I126, I126a, I126b, I127, I127a, I127b, I131, I131a, I131b, I133, I133a, I133b, I134, I134a, I135, I135a, I135b, I137, I137a, I137b, I138, I138a, I138b, I141, I141a, I141b, I145, I145a, I145b, I155, I155a, I155b, I157, I157a, I157b, I171, I171a, I171b, I179, I179a, I179b, I184a, I184b, I185, I185b, I188, I188a, I188b, I190, I190a, I190b, I194, I194a, I194b, I196, I196a, I196b, I207, I207a, I207b, I208, I208a, I208b, I211, I211a, I211b, I215, I215a, I215b, I216, I217, I217a, I217b, I241a, I241b, I242, I242a, I242b, I263, I263a, I263b, I339, I339a, I339b, I341, I355, I355a, I355b, I359, I359a, I359b, I374, I374a, I374b, I378, I378a, I378b, I381, I381a, I381b, I396, I396a, I396b, I406a, I406b, I412, I412a, I412b, I423, I423a, I423b, I438, I438a, I438b, I466, I466a, I466b, I472, I472a, I472b, I483, I483a, I483b, I504a, I504b, I509, I509a, I509b, I511, I511a, I511b, I552, I552a, I555, I555a, I555b, I556, I556a, I556b, I568, I568a, I568b, I571, I571a, I571b, I572, I572a, I572b, I573, I578b, I579, I580, I582, I582a, I582b, I583, I583a, I583b, I584, I584a, I584b, I586, I586b, I588, I588a, I589a, I589b, I594, I594a, I595, I595a, I595b, I597, I597a, I597b, I598, I598a, I598b, I604, I604a, I604b, I605, I605a, I605b, I606, I607, I607a, I607b, I610a, I610b, I614, I614b, I617, I617a, I617b, I619, I619a, I619b, I620, I620a, I620b, I621, I621a, I621b, I624, I624a, I624b, I628, I628a, I628b, I632a, I632b, I634, I634a, I634b, I636, I636a, I636b, I639, I639a, I639b, I640a, I640b, I643, I646, I646a, I646b, I648, I648a, I648b, I653, I653a, I653b, I684, I684a, I684b, I688, I688a, I688b, I690, I690a, I690b, I761, I761a, I761b, I763, I763a, I763b, I765, I765b, I766, I766b, I002, I017b, I041a, I055b, I084, I103a, I134b, I185a, I241, I406, I552b, I586a, I614a, I640, I766a
children of Qs9 x Qs29


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