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35 news for this year

All news about tools, banks, data, .... .

29 Nov 2013 New Quercus phenotyping experiment data.
12 provenances comparisons trials for sessile oak are now available on GnpIS public site. They were provided by the PlantaComp project.To see ...
20 Nov 2013 NCBI nr : All non-redundant GenBank updated
NCBI nr updated.  - All non-redundant GenBank CDS translations+RefSeq Proteins+PDB+SwissProt+PIR+PRF Version 2.2.21 (nov 2013) is available for blast (registered access only).
25 Oct 2013 GnpIS v13.2 is now available
GnpIS version 13.2 is now available. Major new functionalities and improvements are:
  • Genetic resources: possibility to search accessions ...
11 Oct 2013 New Arabidopsis genetic resources data.
696 Arabidopsis natural accessions from INRA Versailles BRC have been inserted into GnpIS.
08 Oct 2013 PASTEClassifier-1.0
Our stand alone PASTEClassifier-1.0 is now availableThis tool classifies TEs based on Wicker et al classification. See the tool ...
08 Oct 2013 PFAM HMM profiles bank and RepBase-18.08 for REPET
A new PFAM HMM profiles bank with Gypsy profiles formatted for REPET is now available.The RepBase18.08 for REPET is available ...
Update: 08 Aug 2014
Creation date: 24 Jan 2014