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35 news for this year

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01 Jul 2013 Insertion of new genetic resources data for Breedwheat.
6322 wheat accessions from INRA Clermont GRC have been inserted into GnpIS, including 4208 new accessions and 2114 updated accessions. These accessions are ...
25 Jun 2013 New URGI Blat Server
A new web Blat server has been setup and now replaces the Blat GUI, previously provided by the Mobyle web framework. Direct links ...
18 Jun 2013 A new galaxy server is available
With this new instance we want to explore new ways of building web applications (virtualization technologies) and new ways of building  bio-analyses (tutorials and ...
12 Jun 2013 Botrytis cinerea T4 gene annotation update
Manual curation of Botrytis cinerea T4 predicted genes have been released in International Sequence Data Banks (ISDB). There are 1231 manual annotations which replace ...
12 Jun 2013 Leptosphaeria maculans gene annotation update
140 new genes, belonging to 3 supercontigs of the Leptosphaeria maculans assembly, are now available in International Sequence Data Banks (ISDB).Updated entries on EBI ...
05 Jun 2013 The last issue of the URGI newsletter is published
URGI newsletter #2 is now available.Summery : The editorial is about 'Data integration is a challenge for modern bioinformatics. 2 ...
Update: 08 Aug 2014
Creation date: 24 Jan 2014