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35 news for this year

All news about tools, banks, data, .... .

13 Sep 2013 REPET V2.2
The REPET V2.2 package is now available.There are pipelines to detect repeats and the PASTEClassifier. For more information see ...
12 Sep 2013 Insertion of old forage varieties.
32 accessions of the Forage deleted varieties collection from INRA Lusignan have been inserted into GnpIS.
10 Sep 2013 Insertion of new genetic resources data for Allium.
1505 phenotypes have been inserted into  GnpIS concerning 165 Allium accessions.
19 Aug 2013 GnpIS v13.1 is now available
GnpIS version 13.1 is now available. Major new functionalities and improvements are:
  • Sequence variation (NGS): improved search capabilities and integration with ...
16 Jul 2013 The wheat powdery mildew genome evolution
The wheat powdery mildew genome shows the unique evolution of an obligate biotroph. A European consortium including researcher from URGI showed that the genetic ...
05 Jul 2013 Emiliania genome sequenced
The genome of Emiliania huxleyi, an emblematic species of marine phytoplankton, has been sequenced for the first time by an international consortium including French ...
Update: 08 Aug 2014
Creation date: 24 Jan 2014